Running - Single
Feb 24th, 2015

The Sun As It Comes is a masterpiece of harmonious country rock.” — Consequence of Sound

“An anthemic sound — equal parts western, southern and something not quite defined by geographic adjectives.” — American Songwriter

“With them, indie rock has a whole new sound.” — Indecent Xposure


The Lonely Wild recently emerged from Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco with a new record and a new lease on life. “We walked into the studio with an album about death,” says songwriter, Andrew Carroll, “and John [Vanderslice] taught us to let go.” 

Known for his signature “sloppy hi-fi” approach to recording, Vanderslice worked with the band to create an album unlike anything they had done before. “In the past, we’ve always labored over every detail of our recordings, picking apart each performance.” Carroll continues, “But with John, you can’t do that. He’s kind of like Willy Wonka in the studio—he’s always on the move, whipping up this infectious, magical energy. The first thing we did was throw out all of our demos and approach each song like it was the first time we ever played it. This freed us to take risks, make new discoveries, and perform with fresh inspiration. It’s something we’d always strived for, but never quite had the confidence to capture on past records.”

The first glimpse listeners get of Chasing White Light, The Lonely Wild’s self-proclaimed “death album,” is a sweeping tour-de-force called “Running." The song unfolds in short movements alternating between orchestral strings and voice, with lyrics that call into question the nature of existence. Perception and reality are contrasted when Carroll and Williams ask one another, “Did I catch you dreaming, even believing you were alive?” Williams then searches for answers in fate. She sings, "Did you write the story? Are we the actors on the stage?" Things then reach the atomic level, as they sing together, "Pull back the curtain. See how the smallest things collide just to make us, in a dream for white light." Perhaps God is a human dream, but death remains the great mystery. As "Running" accelerates to its climax, they cry, "Did you keep your promise? Or was your promise what you gave to see the great unveiling, where there's nothing left to save?" By the end, Carroll and Williams shout, “Don’t stop running!” They plead with desperation—their lives depend on this.  

“The songwriting on all of the songs here is engaging, apt, and relevant, serving as the icing on the cake to the sonically delightful music that this band doles out, track after track.” — Austin Town Hall

Photo Credit: Paige Craig
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Official Music Video
To create the 160 mph run through downtown Los Angeles, we ran a 5 mile journey through Los Angeles with a camera, a projector, and a battery pack.

Official Music Video
Debuted on Noisey — “Absolutely gorgeous and heart-wrenching.”

“Buried In The Murder”
Official Music Video
Debuted on Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco

“Everything You Need”
Official Music Video
Music video created as a collaborative project by students at Bethany Lutheran College.

Radio Highlights

Touring Highlights

  • 2014 National Tour with Apache Relay — Sold-out shows in San Francisco and Indianapolis
  • Festival Dates:
    • First City Festival (Monterey, CA) with Beck and The National
    • Cask and Drum Festival (Birmingham, AL) with Dwight Yoakam
    • Warmfest (Indianapolis, IN) with Delta Spirit
    • Echo Park Rising (Los Angeles, CA)
    • Make Music Pasadena (Pasadena, CA)
    • Boulevard Fest (Chicago, IL)
    • Jubilee (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Performed over 10 sold-out shows in Los Angeles, including their album release party at The Satellite (over-capacity with 400 tickets)
  • Performed alongside Damien Rice, The Lone Bellow, Laura Marling, Lord Huron, Phosphorescent, Dwight Yoakam, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Little Ones, The Elected, and John Doe
  • Invited to play SXSW in 2013, 2014, and 2015, CMJ Festival in 2013

“I needed a cigarette and a damp rag after these guys played. My world exploded that night inside the Constellation Room and I sat there in silence in a sea of people as I rebuilt my mind from the rubble that it was after the Lonely Wild’s last song. Truly excellent display of creativity, passion, and musicianship all wrapped up in a package that is just waiting to be discovered.” — Unearth Music